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About Webbyplanet:

WebbyPlanet.com, an e-commerce web site specialised in coupons, rebates, sales and free shipping offered by over 25,000 well-known companies has been launched by Gajjardia Corp. The website users receive coupon codes to buy instantly online and, occasionally, they can download and print coupons to use them in a real store. A wide range of name-brand companies have marketing partnerships with WebbyPlanet, including Amazon, Overstock, Dell, Macy's or Expedia.

Magdy Cochran, WebbyPlanet.com's Marketing Director said: "There are so many online marketplaces out there, but we feel WebbyPlanet.com is really the only one that gives consumers thousands of useful discounts and ensures they pay less for the things they love". WebbyPlanet.com is updated daily to provide visitors the most recent information and discounts available for products from companies' constantly changed terms of discounts.

Consumers can also receive newsletter updates via e-mail to learn about the most recent coupons posted by their favorite companies.

Gajjardia Corp owns and operates WebbyPlanet.com, consumer's gateway to online savings, as well as other various Websites in Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company focuses on the consumer side of the shopping experience and it strives to give consumers the tools they need to find the best deals online.

Contact mail webbyemail (at) gmail (dot) com.

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More than 1 Million Customers Saving Money Online with WebbyPlanet.com:

WebbyPlanet.com, a new e-commerce search site specializing in coupons, rebates, sales, and free shipping, has helped more than one million shoppers save money on their online orders. Launched just three months ago, the Internet's hottest discount shopping website features money-saving offers for today's biggest name brands.

More than 1 Million Customers Saving Money Online with WebbyPlanet. WebbyPlanet.com is a new e-commerce website specialized in coupons, rebates, sales, and free shipping. It has helped more than one million shoppers to save money on their online orders.

WebbyPlanet specializes in saving people's money on today's biggest name brands. With over 25,000 well-known and respected stores, shoppers can get a lot of money-saving deals at a myriad of department stores, boutiques, novelty shops, service websites, and much more. These days, virtually every brick-and-mortar shop has an Internet component, and with WebbyPlanet.com shoppers can take full advantage of discounts on clothes, Shoes, health products, books, food, flowers, toys, electronics, games, music, travel, and anything else people can buy online.

Surfing the Internet in search of up-to-the-minute discounts and deals takes far too much time and energy. WebbyPlanet.com smartly aggregates online coupons, discounts, and price reductions and makes them available to shoppers through their easy-to-use website. The WebbyPlanet site is unique in offering a sizeable online marketplace dedicated solely to ensure shoppers to pay always the least amount of money possible on the products and services they desire. Sorted into company, product or service, WebbyPlanet's more than 200,000 deals and store coupons are easily identified by categories listed on a menu bar on the left side of the homepage. After selecting a company, shoppers will find a list of deals located into chronological order. These are often immediate discounts or free shipping for online shopping. In addition, more companies are offering printable coupons which can be used at local store locations. Shoppers can also surf WebbyPlanet.com for discounts by New Coupons, Expiring Deals and All Stores are Updated everyday, WebbyPlanet's database contains only the most accurate, best informations possible to make users save money. Shoppers can also sign up for newsletter updates and get discount coupon codes and information on deals - like free shipping - sent directly to their email contacts.

To make the most of WebbyPlanet's money-saving offers, please visit www.WebbyPlanet.com for more details. Save Money! Everyday coupons! Discover how much you can save on products from your favorite stores. Simply download our online coupons about the stores you love and shop by the brand-name merchandise you want at discount prices. Find great coupon and shopping deals with WebbyPlanet.com.