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FamilyTreeDNA FAQ

Can I find work from FamilyTreeDNA?
Yes, birthday discounts are available at this link.
In case of disputes, how can I contact FamilyTreeDNA
For any questions or problems you have with FamilyTreeDNA you can use the following ways to contact them.
Contact page
Can I return the products back?
The FamilyTreeDNA website allows the return of your orders with a safe and easy procedure. Here you can find the link to follow the guidelines or contact FamilyTreeDNA directly.
Is the site present on Social Networks?
The FamilyTreeDNA site is present on various social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube. By following them you can always stay updated and get discount codes and exclusive offers.
What’s the use of a FamilyTreeDNA discount code?
The FamilyTreeDNA Voucher, Discount Code or Discount Coupon is an alphanumeric code which allows you to receive a fixed or variable discount on your purchase. The final price you are going to pay will therefore be lower than what you would normally pay without using the discount code.
How do I use a FamilyTreeDNA discount code?
Once you have chosen what to buy and decided to proceed with the purchase, you may use the discount code to recalculate the new price by entering the code in the FamilyTreeDNA shopping cart area usually. At this point it will be up to you to decide what to do and whether or not to complete the purchase.
Are there available discount codes for FamilyTreeDNA?
At the moment FamilyTreeDNA does not have valid coupons.
Where can I find new FamilyTreeDNA Discount Codes?
The search for discount codes for FamilyTreeDNA is not easy, but you are in the right place to check the availability of the latest coupons and discount coupons for FamilyTreeDNA which you can freely use by copying and pasting them into the cart to get immediately your discount before carrying out the last step - the payment process. Other useful ways are the newsletter subscription and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube or webbyplanet's newsletter.
What is an exclusive discount code?
Exclusive discount codes are unique FamilyTreeDNA codes which can be found only on weglo.it. Join the webbyplanet's newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and unique exclusive codes available only on webbyplanet's newsletter.

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Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit, only $79
FamilyTreeDNA discover your heritage on your paternal line.

More info about familytreedna.com:


Established in 2000 and based in Houston, Texas, FamilyTreeDNA pioneered the field of genetic genealogy and was the first commercial company to deliver direct-to-consumer DNA testing for genealogical purposes. Today the company features a comprehensive DNA matching database of more than 2 million records and is one of the most popular companies for Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA and autosomal DNA testing.

By delivering a full selection of advanced Autosomal, Y-DNA, and mtDNA tests, FamilyTreeDNA offers both single tests and female or male-specific bundles. FamilyTreeDNA's signature Family Finder test focuses on autosomal DNA and provides robust interactive tools to help you discover your ethnic and geographic origins, explore ancient migration routes, find unknown DNA relatives and make family connections. The exclusive family matching system allows you to sort confirmed DNA matches by maternal and paternal lines.

The mtDNA test is for your maternal ancestry and helps you to explore the path of your female ancestors, where they came from and how they migrated throughout the world. It examines your Mitochondrial DNA (inherited from mother and passed down from mother to children) and traces your maternal ancestry. FamilyTreeDNA offers “mtDNA Plus” and “mtFull Sequence” packages, depending on your budget and how extensive you want your results to be.

FamilyTreeDNA offers a range of male-specific Y-DNA tests that can be used to trace male’s direct and distant paternal lineage. Testing the Y-chromosome (inherited from father to his sons only), empowers you to get insight into your paternal family line - explore your direct and distant paternal lineage and geographic origins, trace your male ancestors’ ancient migration routes. The difference between Y-DNA tests offered by FamilyTreeDNA is that they analyze more markers which allows for more refined results including matches. The Y-37 Marker test examines 37 short tandem repeats (STRs) and is a good option to start while the Y-700 provides 100K single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and additional STRs and is ideal for expert users.Choose the best DNA test for you and jumpstart your DNA journey in a few simple steps:

  1. Order your DNA kit online.
  2. Simple swab the inside of your cheeks - no need to split
  3. Send your kit back in the prepaid package
  4. View your results online in 4-8 weeks
No matter which test you choose to purchase, FamilyTreeDNA guarantees that they will not sell or share your DNA with third parties. Your DNA is processed and stored in FamilyTreeDNA’s on-site genomics laboratory for the highest level of protection.

About FamilyTreeDNA:


Follow the path of your ancestors and explore your unique DNA story with FamilyTreeDNA's industry-leading family ancestry, paternal ancestry and maternal ancestry tests.

FamilyTreeDNA review:

FamilyTreeDNA website is operated by familytreedna.com, a popular DNA Test retailer in the country. Currently we are providing 1 free shipping and 1 offers. In general, the WebbyPlanet community publishes 2 new FamilyTreeDNA coupon codes or deals each month, with discounts up to 10% off. This page was last updated on June 22, 2024. Never miss a great FamilyTreeDNA promo code or online coupon and save money on your DNA Ancestry purchase by using deals on this page.

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